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Canadian Legal Research Sources


Most legal research should begin with a search for textbooks on the topic.

Textbooks are written by experts in a particular field, and can cover broad topics such as criminal law.

However, there may also be books written about more specific areas such as "criminal procedure" or "criminal evidence" or sentencing.

WestlawEdge Canada



The U Windsor Law Library does not have all books! We have many to choose from.

Students working in international or comparative law, or who are working as a Research Assistant, should consider using WORLDCAT as a secondary search after searching within the library catalogue.

Any books listed in WORLDCAT can be requested via interlibrary loan.

Criminal Law Textbooks

Criminal Law Textbooks by Topic



See below for a selection of books on criminal procedure as well.

Charter of Rights and Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Criminal Procedure



Search and Seizure

Criminal Precedents